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Wastewater treatment

Plantas DesaladorasThe water from the drainage network is treated in Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP) where, once the harmful substances have been eliminated, it is returned to the rivers in optimum condition or processed so that it can be reused.

There are several different phases in the water treatment process carried out in an WWTP:


  • Solids treatment area.- This is the site where the water reaches the WWTP, in which the materials with greater weights or volumes are retained and eliminated.
  • Filtering.- During this phase, the thick and fine solids are separated for transportation in containers to a waste tip.
  • Removal of sand / grease.- This process separates the sand by sedimentation and the grease by floatation.
  • Primary decanting.- During this phase the sediments and floating materials not removed during the previous phases are separated.
  • Biological treatment.-
    In this process, a series of micro-organisms breaks down the organic matter.
  • Secondary decanting.-In the secondary decanters, the sludge produced in the biological treatment phase is separated from the treated water and prepared for returning to the natural environment in the conditions of quality established by the applicable legislation.
  • Treatment of sludge.-The sludge produced during the preceding processes must be treated so that it can be sent to authorised tips in the appropriate conditions.