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technical articles

Drilling water treatment plant at the Puerto Gaitan Oilfields (Colombia)

Published in FuturENVIRO, September 2014

There are around seven million hectares of land with great potential for agricultural development In the Eastern Plains (Llanos Orientales) of Colombia. However, this potential depends on the availability of water and efficient means of transport in the region, both of which are precarious at this point in time. For cultivation purposes, the high plains (altillanura) require constant availability of water, not just in winter but throughout the year because the region has four very clearly defined months of summer. These circumstances gave rise to the initiative to improve the quality of the process water of the Rubiales oilfield and deliver it to the agricultural sector for use on crops grown to produce biofuels and energy.

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Taboada WWTP (Lima, Perú) South America's largest wastewater treatment plant

Published in FuturENVIRO, april 2014

The rapid social and economic growth of the city of Lima has coincided with a significant increase in population and the consolidation of urban areas, which has had a direct influence on the quantity of wastewater generated and its treatment.

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Monforte de Lemos DWTP

Published in InfoENVIRO, january 2013

The study of alternatives and the subsequent draft design were drawn up by Eptisa Servicios de Ingeniería and the final design and construction work was carried out by a consortium made up of Técnicas de Desalinización de Agua, S.A. (TEDAGUA) and Constructora San José, S.A.

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The Beni Saf Desalination plant (Algeria)

Published in InfoENVIRO, june 2011

The Beni Saf (Algeria) desalination plant went into operation last year. The facility is designed to produce 200,000 m3/day of quality water to cover the needs of a population of 750,000 from the region of Oran and neighbouring areas. Beni Saf Water Company Spa, a company 51%-owned by Spanish consortium Geida (currently comprising Grupo ACS companies, Cobra and Tedagua) and 49%-owned by Algerian public company AEC (Algerian Energy Company) was the successful bidder in an international tender held by the Algerian government…

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Water Recycling the Solution for City West Water

Published in Australian Water Management Review, Autumn 2011

The design and construction of a reverse osmosis water recycling plant in Melbourne’s outer west is set to provide a handful of customers up to 2.5 billion litres of water each year. The Altona Recycled Water Project at City West Water’s Altona Wastewater Treatment Plant in Melbourne’s outer west is arguably one of Australia’s most complex recycling projects.

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Escombreras desalination plant (Murcia)

Published in InfoENVIRO, enero 2009

The new desalination plant in Escombreras, promoted by the Public Water Corporation of the Region of Murcia, has been designed with a maximum current production capacity of 63,000 cubic metres per day, with the possibility of extending this to 72,000 cubic metres per day, for which purpose all the necessary infrastructures have been installed. As a result, the plant, located in Escombreras Valley, will provide service for this entity, which maintains collaborative agreements for supplying drinking water above ground to the majority of the townships in the region.

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Pig slurry treatment plant in Peñarroya de Tastavins (Teruel)

Published in InfoENVIRO, julio/agosto 2009

The Regional Government of Aragón, in its effort to prevent negative environmental and social effects caused by the incorrect control of slurry, has commenced several activities with the principal aim of reducing its potential for contamination and whenever possible, treat it as a resource that can be used to advantage.

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Desalination plant of Beni Saf (Algeria)

Published in RETEMA, septiembre/octubre 2010

Beni Saf Water Company Spa, an Algerian company in which Cobra and AEC (Algerian Energy Company) hold shares, was awarded an international contract for the design, construction and operation of a sea water desalination plant in the Algerian region of Chatt El Hillal (Wilaya de Ain Temouchent), with a production capacity of 200,000 cubic metres per day.

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